Huron Fabrication and Machine Corp is a one-stop metal fabrication shop located in southeast Wisconsin. If you need metal sawing, please contact us. Our trained staff operates high-end machinery in order to fulfill the demand of our customers based on exact specifications and requirements.

Equipment employed for Sawing at Huron Fabrication and Machine Corp

We own two specialized machines designed for the purpose of sawing metal by leading manufacturers. These are
  • DoAll Band Saw
Specifics Max Cutting Capacity: At 90° 9 in. high x 16 in. wide (228 x 406 mm) 10-3/4 in. rounds (273 mm) Max Cutting Capacity (Right): At 45° 9 in. high x 10-3/4 in. wide (228 x 273 mm wide) 10-3/4 in. rounds (273 mm) Band Length: Band Length 159 in. maximum (4038 mm maximum) Band Speed: Band Speed variable, 105 to 275 fpm (32 to 83 mpm) Band Feed: Feed Control infinitely variable, hydraulic control, spring-balanced head
  • Ellis Manual Band Saw
1600 Mitre Band Saw Specifics Capacity: 11”x 6” Variable angle to 45° Blade Speeds: 70-135-250 FPM Blade Size: 10’0” x 1” x 0.35 Shut off: Automatic Features: built in protractor leads to fast, accurate angle selection Both of these machines are designed to handle a wide selection of sawing requirements. We update our machinery regularly and invest in the training of our staff appropriately in order to assure a high quality and quick turnaround of jobs.


Quality Supplier!

Oct 01, 2012 by John S.

Huron Fabrication is exactly what we look for in a supplier. They provide us with a quality product that is always on time and no matter what the situation.

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