We also undertake metal finishing jobs at Huron Fabrication and Machine Corp. Metal finishing can be used for a variety of reasons such as improvement of appearance, adhesion, removal of flaws, change of appearance or to re-create original finish.

Finishing capabilities at Huron Fabrication and machine Corp

At Huron Fabrication, we undertake a variety of finishing processes when it comes to metal. Some of our capabilities include
  • Powder coating– applied as a free flowing dry powder. Applied electro- statically and then cured with heat
  • Sand Blasting-abrasive material application under high pressure to alter surface of metal
  • Bead Blasting– by applying fine glass beads under pressure to remove surface deposits
  • Plating– surface covering with appropriate finish
  • Gold Iridite– Type of surface coating
  • Metal Cleaning– removal of flaws and restoration of original finish
Depending on the kind of equipment and the type of metal used for its construction, customers can choose from the different kinds of finishing processes available.

Equipment used for finishing

While we use various different kinds of equipment based on the kind of finishing process being undertaken, one of our machines is the
  • Walter SURFOX 202 Weld Cleaning System
Specifics -Restores a bright finish to welded stainless steel -Removes Surface discoloration (bluing) from TIG welding and also spot welds -Original mill finish is restored Call us today to discuss your finishing needs and we will have a solution for you.


Quality Supplier!

Oct 01, 2012 by John S.

Huron Fabrication is exactly what we look for in a supplier. They provide us with a quality product that is always on time and no matter what the situation.

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