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Huron Fabrication offers a wide line of metal fabrication services. It’s not an easy to find specialists who deal with molding and forming metal pieces – our industry is very unique and specialized. We’re proud to be one of the top metal workers in the state of Wisconsin and have a growing number of clients who only rely on us to meet their metal fabrication needs. Our safety standards, excellent workmanship and prompt customer service are just some of the reasons clients prefer to work with Huron Fabrication. Below are the services we offer our clients:


We can cut any type of metal – for any purpose (home OR work.) Some of the most common metals we cut are steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.


Need something welded together? We’re the group to call. We’ve been offering welding services for the past 15 years.


We form all types of metals to create individual parts, assemblies and even big structures.

Press | Insertion

We mold and form sheet metal to meet your specific project requirements.

Milling | Drilling

Need a piece of metal milled or a hole drilled? It will take a specialist. Contact Huron Fabrication.


Sawing metal isn’t like sawing wood – it takes high-end equipment and experienced professionals in order to do a great job safely and efficiently. Contact us for all of your metal sawing needs.


Need your metal to look a certain way? We offer a variety of finishing options from sand blasting to powder coating.  

Contact Huron Fabrication today at (414) 769-8000.



Quality Supplier!

Oct 01, 2012 by John S.

Huron Fabrication is exactly what we look for in a supplier. They provide us with a quality product that is always on time and no matter what the situation.

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