Huron Fabrication and Machine Corporation is committed to the idea of exceeding customers’ expectations and sets a high benchmark when it comes to providing quality workmanship. Whether it’s a prototype that you want made or a full-length manufacturing project that you want executed, we effectively do the job for you to your utmost satisfaction.

Special quality control processes at Huron Fabrication

We are our own critics. We ensure mandatory quality checks at every step of the manufacture and fabrication process in order to make sure that the completed product comes out top-class.
  • We continually test our own performance via a quality management system in order to make sure that we are consistent and are fulfilling all the customer and regulatory requirements.
  • The quality is monitored at all stages of the fabrication process with The Production Work Order (PWO).
  • New fabrications are subject to an Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR) with 100% layout to confirm dimensional results prior to full production.
  • A Final inspection is conducted on all orders to guarantee compliance with quality and customer expectations.

Quality assurance through high quality equipment

All the equipment that we own and use for the fabrication and manufacture process is state-of-the art. We procure our equipment from reliable manufactures and monitor the performance of our machines at all times. This combined with our trained and knowledgeable craftsmen results in quality assurance and excellent product for our customers. Our staff is exceptionally skilled and we are continuously involved in learning programs to build on our existing knowledge.


Quality Supplier!

Oct 01, 2012 by John S.

Huron Fabrication is exactly what we look for in a supplier. They provide us with a quality product that is always on time and no matter what the situation.

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