Good and versatile equipment is the key for the success of any business. At Huron Fabrication and Machine Corporation, we understand the importance of procuring and using only the best possible machines in order to maintain the quality of the completed product.

Equipment at Huron Fabrication and Machine Corporation

We have a host of specialized multiple machines that we use for various different kinds of jobs. We have two large machine-centers where the bulk of our equipment is stationed. Our machines include:

Flow International Waterjet

Abrasive waterjet cutting uses water pressurized to 60,000 psi, with a garnet abrasive entrained in the jet stream.  The water is forced through a precision orifice 0.013” in diameter.  The water and abrasive mixture quickly and precisely cut materials with accuracies of up to 0.001”.  A cold-cutting tool, abrasive waterjet leaves a surface free of a heat-affected zone.  Waterjets can also be a more cost-effective alternative because jobs that may normally take several hours to complete can be cut in just minutes.  Plus, time required for setup and fixturing is minimal with the waterjet, which is beneficial in short-run jobs. Specifics- Accuracy-                        ± 0.003 inches Repeatability-            ± 0.002 inches Traverse speed-             500 ipm Cutting Envelope-            6′ x 12′ x 8″ Contouring speed-            Head: Single 300 ipm Z-axis adjustability-            8 inches Cutting pressure-            60,000 psi Integrated pumps-            50 horsepower Link                          

Cincinnati Press Brake

Specifics Accuracy-             Ram repeatability of +/-0.001″ (+/-0.025 mm) along the  entire length of the press brake produces close-tolerance bends for higher part quality and lower final assembly costs. Versatility-            Adjustable stroke length, full tonnage throughout the stroke and multiple forming speeds enable quick and efficient processing of a wide variety of jobs. Link  

Miller Welders

Specifics Miller Deltaweld 652                     650 Amp Miller Deltaweld 452                     450 Amp Miller Deltaweld 352                     350 Amp Miller Syncrowave                        450 Amp Miller Syncrowave                        300 Amp Miller Syncrowave                        250 Amp Link                                      

DoAll Band Saw

Specifics Max Cutting Capacity            At 90° 9 in. high x 16 in. wide (228 x 406 mm) 10-3/4 in. rounds (273 mm) Max Cutting Capacity (Right)    At 45° 9 in. high x 10-3/4 in. wide (228 x 273 mm wide) 10-3/4 in. rounds (273 mm) Band Length            Band Length 159 in. maximum (4038 mm maximum) Band Speed            Band Speed variable, 105 to 275 fpm (32 to 83 mpm) Band Feed            Feed Control infinitely variable, hydraulic control, spring-balanced head Link  

Walter SURFOX 202 Weld Cleaning System

Specifics -Restores a bright finish to welded stainless steel -Removes Surface discoloration (bluing) from TIG welding and also spot     welds -Original mill finish is restored Link                                                  

5 Axis Machine

Specifics -Simultaneous motion (reaching, lifting and twisting simultaneously) -Turbine propelling capability -5 sided simultaneous handling of metal pieces reduces site cycle time -Rolling capabilities

Other equipment available at Huron Fabrication and Machine Corp

  • Milling and Drilling
Wotan Horizontal Boring Milling 72 x 48 x 36 Bridgeport vertical mills 3 Axis CNC 2 Axis DRO 20” Clausing Drill Press
  • Turning
120” x 20” Lansing Engine Lathe
  • Inspection Equipment
Starret, Mitutoyo and Brown & Sharpe Dial indicators Calipers Micrometers Coaxial indicators
  • Insertion and Press
Hardware insertion press 2001 PEM Series 4 55 ton H-Frame press
  • Sawing
Ellis manual band saw 11”x 6” Variable angle to 45°
  • Plasma Cutting
1.25″ Miller plasma cutter
  • Facilities
33,000 Square foot plant 8,000 lb Cap. TCM lift 5,000 lb Cap. Komatsu Lift 9 Jib Cranes


Quality Supplier!

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Huron Fabrication is exactly what we look for in a supplier. They provide us with a quality product that is always on time and no matter what the situation.

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